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When all you do is serve others, it's difficult to serve yourself very well.

Frustrated by the demographic and stylistic divisions he saw in the pop landscape of the late-sixties, a San Francisco Bay Area DJ named Sylvester Stewart set out to combine the best and banish the worst forces of his day in one single band that would feature men and women, black and white, playing an unheard of thing called psychedelic soul in costumes that would make Liberace proud. On a purely aesthetic level, Sly and the Family Stone looked like nothing the pop universe had ever seen, and pop hits like Dance To The Music, Everyday People, Everybody Is A Star, and Family Affair all worked to further the same basic message: that people of wildly different stripes could do a lot better than just coexist peacefully if they'd only open their minds to the possibility. Sly Stone led by example, but it was an uphill battle, and in the end the enormity of his mission combined with his newfound weakness for demon coke to bring his Massive career screeching to a halt. It's unlikely, of course, that your own career arc will very closely resemble your Birthstar's, yet it's quite likely indeed that you also find yourself exhausted at times by your struggle to be all things to all people. Unless, that is, you're the oppositional type who has avoided your Birthstar's trap by becoming a f*ck-'em-all lone wolf who looks out for number one first, last, and always. Either way, stability and happiness for you probably lie somewhere in the middle, in a place Sylvester Stewart never found during his brief but glorious heyday.
Everyday People  Feb 9-Mar 8, 1969

Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)/Everybody Is A Star  Feb 8-21, 1970
Family Affair  Nov 29-Dec 18, 1971
Jennifer Aniston (2/11/69) is a child of Sly and the Family Stone.

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