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Many will salute the courage of your convictions, but others will raise their hand in a very different gesture.

You didn't have to like the Vietnam War back in 1966 to dislike those self-righteous college kids with their peace signs and their Blowin' In The Wind. But if you were inclined toward either feeling, then you were going to love Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler and the phenomenally successful record that became the great anti-antiwar anthem of the 1960s. But warmongers and reactionaries were really just a small portion of your Birthstar's fan base, being outnumbered many times over by preteen boys who cared more about baseball cards than they did about politics and who still thought it might be cool to be a real army guy like the one who sang The Ballad Of The Green Berets. That's right, your Birthstar was a real soldier -- a special forces combat veteran on active duty whose popstrological rise into the constellation Had to Be There began when a punji-stick sent him home from Vietnam. And had things gone better for the United States in Vietnam, who knows how much bigger your Birthstar might have become? As it was, though, Sergeant Sadler's views quickly became popstrologically untenable, and he returned, apparently, to performing the kind of hits he originally trained for. Your Birthstar may have bestowed upon you the courage to stand by your values regardless of their popularity, but as the shadowy circumstances under which he was shot through the head while training Contras in Reagan-era Guatemala attests, the price of unpopularity is greater in some contexts than it is in others.
The Ballad Of The Green Berets  Feb 27-Apr 2, 1966
Tone-Loc (3/3/66), and Edie Brickell (3/10/66) are children of Staff Seargeant Barry Sadler.

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