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Even a two-piece puzzle is hard to put together with one piece missing.

Yes, popstrologists lay a great deal of responsibility at the feet of your Birthstar for the aftereffects of his early-eighties forays into the constellation Power Couple, but popstrologists do not regard him as a malevolent force, per se. And they certainly don't take the John Lennon side in the debate over who the greatest Beatle was. John and Paul's bitter divorce was like most bitter divorces in that neither party offered what could reasonably be called a fair portrait of the other or an objective postmortem of the failed relationship. John was just plain mean to suggest in How Do You Sleep? that Paul's post-Beatles music was Muzak, and Paul was just plain disingenuous to play the role of the upstanding good guy when discussing the Beatles' breakup. But John was good at being mean, and Paul was good at being disingenuous. There may be no more fitting way to describe the greatest partnership in pop-music history than to say that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts, and while even John must have known this on some level, it was Paul who did the most to prove it. Was there a friend, a lover, or a colleague in your past who brought out the best in you, despite your fundamental differences? You may spend the rest of your life trying to repeat that magic, child of Paul McCartney, for you are more aware than anyone that you require a counterbalancing force to achieve true greatness. Like your Birthstar, you may experience what most consider success on your own, but your deep yearning for partnership is unlikely to let you find happiness that way.
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey  Aug 29-Sep 4, 1971
My Love  May 27-Jun 23, 1973
Band On The Run  Jun 2-8, 1974
Listen To What The Man Said  Jul 13-19, 1975
Silly Love Songs  May 16-22 and Jun 6-Jul 3, 1976
With A Little Luck  May 14-27, 1978
Coming Up  Jun 22-Jul 12, 1980

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