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You may be a sinner, but you know when it's time to act like a saint.

There's something in our DNA that gives us all an inborn gift for getting into trouble, but there's something in your popstrological profile that gives you the rare and enviable gift of sliding out of it just in the nick of time. You were born under the influence of a star called the Manhattans and a song called Kiss And Say Goodbye, the third in a series of four 1970s #1 hits to deal with the struggles of maintaining an adulterous relationship and the only one of the four to suggest an eminently reasonable way to keep those struggles from leading to disaster: quitting while you're ahead. Me And Mrs. Jones, I Honestly Love You, and Torn Between Two Lovers painted portraits of adulterers likely headed to an ugly day of reckoning, but your Birthsong painted the portrait of a man whose sense of self-preservation, if not his morals, caused him to call a stop to his affair before things got truly out of hand. Was this the first time, and would it be the last time, that he would meet a mistress on the "saddest day of his life" to kiss and say good-bye? Likely not, but one would hardly expect an entirely honest protagonist in a song by a group from Jersey City that called itself the Manhattans. Your moral compass may not point to true north, but you know when it's pointing to trouble, child of the Manhattans, and unless you're completely out of touch with your popstrological gift, you probably know how to steer clear of it.
Kiss And Say Goodbye  Jul 18-31, 1976

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