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Some are troublemakers because they love the label, but you've earned the label because you love the trouble.

If f*cking in a Dumpster was your bag, then L.A. in the eighties was the place to be. Both inside and out back of the Whisky or the Troubadour on a given Saturday night, you could witness the most decadent expression of the rock and roll lifestyle the world has ever seen, and to the guys in bands like Poison and Warrant, your Birthstar must have seemed at first to be just another hog come to feed at the hair-metal trough. But they weren't. Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Steve were as interested as the next guys in the sex and the drugs, but when it came to the rock and roll, they were interested in the real thing, and if their shallower contemporaries had been clearheaded enough to recognize the danger that their raw, honest, and angry style represented, they'd have taken Guns n' Roses aside and said, "Dudes, shut UP -- you'll ruin everything!" A few famous denizens of the Sunset Boulevard rock scene hung around long enough for Nirvana to come finish them off, but if it was grunge that finally killed hair metal, it was Guns n' Roses that struck the first, fratricidal blow. In the end, though, Appetite for Destruction was both the title of the brilliant album that launched Guns n' Roses into the constellation Fresh Breeze and a perfect summary of their professional philosophy. Your Birthstar died a messy and old-fashioned rock and roll death even before you entered grade school, but at birth they marked you as one for the phony gasbags to watch (and other enemies of truth and chaos, too).
Sweet Child O' Mine  Sep 4-17, 1988

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