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We cannot choose our families, but we can choose when to follow their advice.

Concetta Franconero's dad gave her an accordion at the age of three in the hopes that she would master the instrument and one day open her own music school. It was a sweet and noble gesture from a man who would later morph into a hyper-controlling Svengali who dictated his daughter's every personal and professional move. Daddy Dearest turned his little girl into the international pop star Connie Francis (with some timely help from the likes of Arthur Godfrey, Ted Mack, and Dick Clark) but he appears to have done little for her self-esteem. With her doctors' help, she embarked on a decades-long addiction to prescription drugs while still in her teens, and her four marriages lasted a total of just six and a half years. Of course her total of three #1 hits (which doesn't even include her best-known songs, Who's Sorry Now and Where The Boys Are), would not be eclipsed by a solo woman until Diana Ross in 1976, but when you consider the sickening tragedy of her brutal rape following a 1974 concert in Long Island and a case of manic-depression that went undiagnosed before her institutionalization in 1981, you have to wonder whether a career as headmistress of Concetta's Accordion Academy wouldn't have been a better outcome for your Massive and massively tragic Birthstar. An ability to smile through the pain may be a valuable trait to possess, but it's better still to choose your wishes carefully, for their fulfillment may not bring you yours.
Everybody's Somebody's Fool  Jun 27-Jul 10, 1960
My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own  Sep 16-Oct 9, 1960
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You  Mar 25-31, 1962
MC Hammer (3/29/62) is a popstrological child of Connie Francis.

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