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You may know what production means, but do you know what "means of production" means?

They were a kind of grown-up Menudo, in which old members were swapped out for new ones not when they entered an awkward hormonal phase, but when they came to realize that 0 percent equity and a salary of $100 a week was a bit of a raw deal for the public-facing talent of a hugely successful business enterprise. From 1953 to 1956, the original lineup of the Drifters established themselves as R&B giants, recording one of the very first rock and roll records (Money Honey) and launching the solo career of the legendary Clyde McPhatter. When McPhatter left the group, he sold his 50-percent ownership stake in The Drifters' name and copyrights to his sole partner, the group's manager, George Treadwell. And from that point forward, Treadwell used the Drifters as his private cash cow, turning them into a kind of temporary employment agency for up-and-coming talents like Ben E. King and Rudy Lewis. Indeed, if you weren't a member of the Drifters between 1953 and 1963, you were nobody in the world of R&B. But even if you were a member, you got nothing but pride and a modest paycheck out of smash hits like There Goes My Baby, This Magic Moment, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Up On The Roof, On Broadway, and your Birthsong, Save The Last Dance For Me. Like most children of stars in the constellation Tip of the Iceberg, your surface achievements may not reflect the depths of your abilities, and until you're in a position to profit from those achievements, this may always remain the case.
Save The Last Dance For Me  Oct 17-23 and Oct 31-Nov 13, 1960

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