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How will the Gilbert O'Sullivan generation deal with life's inevitable setbacks? Will they greet every bump in the road with debilitating self-pity, or will they take their hard knocks with look-on-the-bright-side optimism? This is the question that hangs over the heads of a popstrological generation trapped between the competing and divergent lessons of Alone Again (Naturally) and I Can See Clearly Now. But the divergent philosophies of Gilbert O'Sullivan and Johnny Nash were not the only powerful ideas competing for mind share when the children of 1972 came forth onto the earth. 1972 was a year filled with deeply felt proclamations from proponents of belief systems ranging from feminism (Helen Reddy) and multiculturalism (Three Dog Night) to onanism (Chuck Berry) and adultery (Billy Paul). And as anyone who has spent much time around the children of 1972 can tell you, it's not uncommon to see them preaching and practicing all of the above quite religiously. What is uncommon is to find a child of 1972 who is unwilling to stand up and proclaim his or her lifestyle choice loudly and proudly, even if that lifestyle has as few adherents as that of the rat-loving protagonist in the song Ben, which launched the Wildcard star of 1972 into the popstrological firmament.

BirthdatesBirthstar Birthsong
Jan 1-Jan 8Melanie Brand New Key
Jan 9-Feb 5Don McLean American Pie
Feb 6-Feb 12Al Green Let's Stay Together
Feb 13-Mar 11Nilsson Without You
Mar 12-Mar 18Neil Young Heart Of Gold
Mar 19-Apr 8America A Horse With No Name
Apr 9-May 20Roberta Flack The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
May 21-May 27The Chi-Lites Oh Girl
May 28-Jun 3The Staple Singers I'll Take You There
Jun 4-Jun 24Sammy Davis, Jr. The Candy Man
Jun 25-Jul 1Neil Diamond Song Sung Blue
Jul 2-Jul 22Bill Withers Lean On Me
Jul 23-Aug 19Gilbert O'Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally)
Aug 20-Aug 26Looking Glass Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)
Aug 27-Sep 9Gilbert O'Sullivan Alone Again (Naturally)
Sep 10-Sep 16Three Dog Night Black & White
Sep 17-Oct 7Mac Davis Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
Oct 8-Oct 14Michael Jackson Ben
Oct 15-Oct 28Chuck Berry My Ding-A-Ling
Oct 29-Nov 25Johnny Nash I Can See Clearly Now
Nov 26-Dec 2The Temptations Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
Dec 3-Dec 9Helen Reddy I Am Woman
Dec 10-Dec 30Billy Paul Me And Mrs. Jones
Dec 31Carly Simon You're So Vain

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