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Of all the years in the popstrological era, there is none -- not even during the depths of 1980s Reaganrock -- that goes as deeply to the root of a powerful and vaguely disappointing fact of human nature: that we seem to care less about truth than we do about pleasure. But artificial though the year's Dominant Star might have been, there was nothing even a little bit fake about their appeal. You would be hard-pressed to find an honest person who can claim immunity to the pop gems written for the Monkees by some of the greatest songwriting talents of their day, but is the fact that an army of talented professionals lifted the Monkees into the constellation Regifted proof of the Monkees' illegitimacy, or is it an illustration of the American genius for division of labor and mass production? Very different answers to that question are likely to be heard from the children of 1967, for their popstrological legacy marks them as a generation likely to struggle mightily with questions over their own legitimacy.

BirthdatesBirthstar Birthsong
Jan 1-Feb 11The Monkees I'm A Believer
Feb 12-Feb 25The Buckinghams Kind Of A Drag
Feb 26-Mar 4The Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday
Mar 5-Mar 11The Supremes Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
Mar 12-Mar 18The Beatles Penny Lane
Mar 19-Apr 8The Turtles Happy Together
Apr 9-May 6Nancy and Frank Sinatra Somethin' Stupid
May 7-May 13The Supremes The Happening
May 14-May 27The Young Rascals Groovin'
May 28-Jun 10Aretha Franklin Respect
Jun 11-Jun 24The Young Rascals Groovin'
Jun 25-Jul 22The Association Windy
Jul 23-Aug 12The Doors Light My Fire
Aug 13-Aug 19The Beatles All You Need Is Love
Aug 20-Sep 16Bobbie Gentry Ode To Billie Joe
Sep 17-Oct 14The Box Tops The Letter
Oct 15-Nov 18Lulu To Sir With Love
Nov 19-Nov 25The Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense And Peppermints
Nov 26-Dec 23The Monkees Daydream Believer
Dec 24-Dec 31The Beatles Hello Goodbye

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