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It was the culture of 1963 to which John Lennon was referring when he described Americans prior to the arrival of the Beatles as "walking around in f*ckin' Bermuda shorts, with Boston crew cuts and stuff in [their] teeth." Broad though that generalization might have been, it has the unmistakable ring of popstrological truth. With the civil rights movement in full swing, and the American advisory mission in Vietnam poised to expand, 1963 might be viewed in sociopolitical terms as a pot about to boil. In popstrological terms, however, the year of your birth was more like a groovy weenie roast at a carefree beach party. But just because the likes of Jimmy Gilmer went on about their business in blissful ignorance of their impending extinction, that doesn’t mean that the Jimmy Gilmer generation will someday do the same. No, popstrology predicts that the children of 1963 will be a savvier bunch than the stars who ruled the universe of pop at the time of their birth. Joyful and high-spirited? Sometimes. Naïve and doomed? Never.

BirthdatesBirthstar Birthsong
Jan 1-Jan 5The Tornados Telstar
Jan 6-Jan 19Steve Lawrence Go Away Little Girl
Jan 20-Feb 2The Rooftop Singers Walk Right In
Feb 3-Feb 23Paul and Paula Hey Paula
Feb 24-Mar 16The Four Seasons Walk Like A Man
Mar 17-Mar 23Ruby and the Romantics Our Day Will Come
Mar 24-Apr 20The Chiffons He's So Fine
Apr 21-May 11Little Peggy March I Will Follow Him
May 12-May 25Jimmy Soul If You Wanna Be Happy
May 26-Jun 8Lesley Gore It's My Party
Jun 9-Jun 29Kyu Sakamoto Sukiyaki
Jun 30-Jul 13The Essex Easier Said Than Done
Jul 14-Jul 27Jan and Dean Surf City
Jul 28-Aug 3The Tymes So Much In Love
Aug 4-Aug 24(Little) Stevie Wonder Fingertips
Aug 25-Sep 14The Angels My Boyfriend's Back
Sep 15-Oct 5Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet
Oct 6-Nov 9Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs Sugar Shack
Nov 10-Nov 16Nino Tempo and April Stevens Deep Purple
Nov 17-Nov 30Dale and Grace I'm Leaving It Up To You
Dec 1-Dec 28The Singing Nun Dominique
Dec 29-Dec 31Bobby Vinton There! I've Said It Again

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