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For the very first time, in the year of your birth, Elvis Presley was King in a time of popstrological peace. The dominance of rock and roll -- the revolutionary force that Elvis personified -- was a taken-for-granted fact. Or was it? Ahead of Elvis, from the vantage point of 1960, lay records like Aloha Oe and In The Ghetto, and films like Harum Scarum and Clambake. Behind him, needless to say, lay Jailhouse Rock and Hound Dog. The year of your birth may have been a time of popstrological peace, in other words, but all too often along with peace come peace's unfortunate handmaidens, settledness and complacency -- the twin bugaboos of the fourth Elvis Presley generation. Indeed, as Elvis demonstrated in 1960 and as the children of that year continue to demonstrate, some people are only at their best when they've got a battle to fight.

BirthdatesBirthstar Birthsong
Jan 1-Jan 3Frankie Avalon Why
Jan 4-Jan 17Marty Robbins El Paso
Jan 18-Feb 7Johnny Preston Running Bear
Feb 8-Feb 21Mark Dinning Teen Angel
Feb 22-Apr 24Percy Faith Theme From "A Summer Place"
Apr 25-May 22Elvis Presley Stuck On You
May 23-Jun 26The Everly Brothers Cathy's Clown
Jun 27-Jul 10Connie Francis Everybody's Somebody's Fool
Jul 11-Jul 17The Hollywood Argyles Alley-Oop
Jul 18-Aug 7Brenda Lee I'm Sorry
Aug 8-Aug 14Brian Hyland Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini
Aug 15-Sep 18Elvis Presley It's Now Or Never
Sep 19-Sep 25Chubby Checker The Twist
Sep 26-Oct 9Connie Francis My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
Oct 10-Oct 16Larry Verne Mr. Custer
Oct 17-Oct 23The Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me
Oct 24-Oct 30Brenda Lee I Want To Be Wanted
Oct 31-Nov 13The Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me
Nov 14-Nov 20Ray Charles Georgia On My Mind
Nov 21-Nov 27Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs Stay
Nov 28-Dec 31Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome To-night?

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