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Where were the teenagers whose embrace of Elvis's raw sexual energy had seemed so revolutionary back in 1956? In 1958, they were listening to records like Purple People Eater and The Chipmunk Song. No, it wasn't men with names like Como and Boone who knocked the rock and roll revolution subtly off course in the year of your birth -- it was men with names like David Seville and Sheb Wooley, and Chipmunks with names like Simon, Theodore, and Alvin. All they wanted was to get some laughs and sell some records, but the enthusiasm with which America embraced the stars of the constellation Novelty Merchant sapped the rock and roll revolution of its intensity. And it was that, along with the egalitarian spirit of the Memphis Draft Board, that sapped Elvis Presley of his, setting the popstrological firmament on a path that would create a real necessity for the eventual British Invasion. Call it disappointing or embarrassing, if you must, to have been born in a year when the average American record buyer did more damage to Elvis than Pat Boone ever did. But you could also take it as a challenge, setting for yourself the goal of supporting causes that truly matter, even when everyone else in your micro-generation tells you to relax and have fun.

BirthdatesBirthstar Birthsong
Jan 1-Jan 5Pat Boone April Love
Jan 6-Feb 9Danny and the Juniors At The Hop
Feb 10-Mar 16Elvis Presley Don't
Mar 17-Apr 20The Champs Tequila
Apr 21-Apr 27The Platters Twilight Time
Apr 28-May 11David Seville Witch Doctor
May 12-Jun 1The Everly Brothers All I Have To Do Is Dream
Jun 2-Jul 20Sheb Wooley Purple People Eater
Jul 21-Aug 3Elvis Presley Hard Headed Woman
Aug 4-Aug 17Ricky Nelson Poor Little Fool
Aug 18-Aug 24Domenico Modugno Volaré
Aug 25-Aug 31The Elegants Little Star
Sep 1-Sep 28Domenico Modugno Volaré
Sep 29-Nov 9Tommy Edwards It's All In The Game
Nov 10-Nov 16Conway Twitty It's Only Make Believe
Nov 17-Nov 23The Kingston Trio Tom Dooley
Nov 24-Nov 30Conway Twitty It's Only Make Believe
Dec 1-Dec 21The Teddy Bears To Know Him Is To Love Him
Dec 22-Dec 31The Chipmunks The Chipmunk Song

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